Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finishing the Year Strong

This time of year I see a lot of people who have given up on any goals (especially fitness related goals) and they are just coasting through the end of the year before they gear up to make any changes or resolutions in 2010.

I am impressed when I see people who are still disciplined with what they eat and continue working out despite the fact the holidays are upon us. They will have less de-conditioning and weight gain to deal with at the first of the year.

Don't give up on healthy habits just because you have several Christmas parties and junk food surrounding you for the next couple weeks. You can still eat reasonable amounts of holiday food and maintain your weight. The problem is when people give up and decide to binge eat from Halloween until New Years Eve, saying they are going to get serious and get in shape at the first of the year.

Finish the year strong and you will be far ahead of everyone else who is going to be starting from scratch again at the beginning of the year. You still have 15 days days to work towards what you wanted to accomplish in 2009!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Power of Full Engagement

I was talking to a friend recently about increased energy levels and he recommended the book The Power of Full Engagement. I just finished reading it and enjoyed it. The premise to the book is that even more important than time management, we should focus on managing our energy. The book addresses physical, mental, social, and spiritual issues and how they affect our energy and productivity.

The authors are Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. They do consulting work for corporate executives, professional athletes, and others who are looking to increase productivity in their lives and occupations, but the principles in the book can apply anyone.

The book first focused on the importance of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and other activities that impact one's productivity, but it later addressed mental, social, and spiritual items and how they can create renewal. They use many case studies examples and explain how their recommendations can help people overcome the bad habits that are draining their productivity and happiness.

I think that this book would appeal to anyone who is trying to figure out how to fit more into their day or to accomplish more and improve their performance. I also think you will live a healthier lifestyle by following many of the principles it promotes.