Monday, December 20, 2010

The Solitary Confinement Workout

Some people find it to be a challenge to exercise regularly. I especially hear people complain when they don't have access to a gym or equipment. Exercise equipment may be convenient and ideal, but it's certainly not necessary for a good workout. I'd like to get people in a mindset that they can still exercise if they are stuck in a cubicle all day or even in solitary confinement.

I think it's fun to figure creative ways to work out with minimal equipment. You can replicate most exercises with just a stability ball and dumbbells. Resistance bands are also helpful if you are traveling and don't have access to equipment or a gym. You can also use a small person or little kids in lieu of weights, just make sure not to drop them.

There are times when you may not have access to any equipment at all and you may have to rely on using your own body weight and gravity as resistance. The following exercises can be done in a hotel room, outside, in a cubicle of a call center, or even in a prison cell for any readers who may be behind bars. (I hear Your Fitness Quest is one of the top Internet sites for people at the big house.)

Chest-There are tons of push up variations to choose from.
Lower Back-Supermans, cobras, and extensions.
Abs-crunches, reverse crunches, V-ups, and Russian twists.
Shoulders-hand stand push ups.
Arms- chair dips, tricep pushups, kickbacks, or curling luggage
Legs-squats, 1 legged squats, wall sits, lunges, glute raises, good mornings, and calf raises.

I'll admit that it can be a challenge to exercise your back without weights or a pull up bar, but you can target just about any other muscle group just by using body weight exercises.

Don't feel like you have to depend on going to the gym or using machinery or even weights to get a good workout. Performing body weight resistance exercises can get the job done and can add some variety to your usual workout routine.


Raymond said...

I use to think I can't workout without gym equipment then I realised it's all around me… here are some examples I discovered …1 leg squat while holding a chair … table edge with fee under for inverted rows … inside corner of a kitchen table and do Dips .. its endless my all time favourite is outside find a tree branch and do pullups and chinups and if you are really keen muscles ups

Darren said...

My favorites are push-ups, pull-ups and running.