Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beware of the Holidays!

There are many things that can adversely affect our health, like living a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drug abuse, overeating, and not managing stress levels. Many health-conscious individuals already know this and strive to avoid those negative influences, but they still suffer from what I call "giving in to the holidays".

The last 90 days of each year are a time when most people get apathetic about their fitness and decide to not worry about it until the first of the year. They tell themselves they will get serious about their health in January. Sound familiar?

I love the holidays, but they also bring some challenges with them. The colder weather and fewer hours of sunlight during the day are less conducive to getting out and exercising and, as a result, many people see their activity level decrease.

The food associated with the holidays is also a huge problem. Halloween brings parties and activities that feature more candy, donuts, and treats that most of us would not usually have around our home or work environment. Thanksgiving is a great way to express our thanks for the harvest, but it is also a good excuse for gluttonous eating and over-indulgence in winter comfort foods. December features a month of treats leading up to Christmas time. In addition to lackadaisical eating, the busy holidays can also be very stressful (even to those of us who love them). Stress can wreak havoc with your health and make weight management much more difficult.

So this year, rather than just giving up and floating down stream, let's do something about it. Wouldn't it be great if you had the support to stay in control during the holidays as opposed to starting 2015 heavier and out of shape. Your New Year's fitness goals will be much more successful if you already have built up some momentum, as opposed to starting from scratch like so many people do each year.

To help you out, I am pleased to announce a 90-day support program to help you not just maintain your fitness levels but to actually make progress during the holidays. I am offering a private Facebook group for individuals who want to move forward. It will feature a weekly group accountability call, free consultations about your fitness goals, deep discounts on custom programs, and even a healthy holiday dinner/party the first week of December. This program will be offered from October through December for only $40 per month.

Join us and finish the year strong!!