About Y.F.Q.

As a teenager, I was very active and enjoyed playing sports. In high school I was an All-State and state champion basketball player. After entering the workforce and getting married, I got a sedentary job and experienced deconditioning and weight gain over the course of several years. In 2000, I made a commitment to get back into shape. I worked hard and was so excited about the changes I had achieved that I decided to help other people do the same thing, so I decided to become a personal trainer.

The following year, I earned personal training certifications with International Sports and Sciences Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the American Council on Exercise. I also earned a degree from BYU in Exercise Science and Wellness.

I enjoy a variety of physical activities and I create fitness programs ranging from training for conditioned athletes to basic, easy-to-follow programs for beginners. Although I work with a variety of people, I specialize in working with people in the 30 to 50-age range who are looking to lose weight or get into better shape.

Why Train With Tom?

1) Customized Training- I will design a customized program to fit your specific goals and needs. No two people are alike, and I believe it is important to structure workouts and nutrition to your specific needs and goals. I give you personal instruction and will make sure you incorporate proper form and safe technique in your workouts.

2) Education- I am not satisfied by just working you out each session. I want you to understand the principles we are applying. I share my knowledge with my clients and teach them something new during every session.

3) Experience- I have the knowledge and experience to monitor your progress and adjust your training as needed in order to help you get results. I understand the struggles you are facing and can help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

4) Accountability- I am committed to helping you to achieve your goals and, as a result, you will be accountable to me to follow through and get results. The accountability factor is a huge part of helping you achieve your goals.

Your Fitness Quest can help you get results. There is nothing I love more than helping my clients achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives.  You can e-mail me at tom@yourfitnessquest.com or by phone at 801-360-0360.