Monday, April 18, 2016

May Exercise Variety Challenge

With Spring upon us and weather improving each day, it's time for a new challenge for the month of May. If you are like me, you may find yourself in a fitness rut always doing the same kind of exercises or workouts over and over again. In an effort to get people to try something new I am offering the May Exercise Variety Challenge

During the month of May I'd like to challenge people to see how many of the following exercises or activities they can do. In order to count, you just need to participate in any of the activities listed below one time for a total of 20-30 minutes. See how many new activities you can try between May 1st through May 31st.

If you haven't played tennis since junior high, now you have an excuse to go out and make a fool of yourself. Never been to an aerobics, zumba, or yoga class? Now you have a reason to check it out. You may not be interested in some of these activities but you never know until you try. Don't try and use the green eggs and ham excuse until you have actually given it a shot.

See how many of the following activities you can do during the month of May.

1.  Running/Jogging
2.  Weight Lifting
3.  Biking/Spinning
4.  Swimming
5.  Walking
6.  Yoga
7.  Hiking
8.  Basketball
9.  Volleyball
10. Tennis
11. Ultimate Frisbee
12. Soccer
13. Rollerblading
14. Wall or Rock Climbing
15. Eliptical Machine
16. Aerobics class
17. Racquetball
18. Dancing
19. Crossfit
20. Pickle Ball
21. Tai Chi
22. Pilates
23. Martial Arts
24. Zumba
25. Stair Climber
26. Golf
27. Jump rope
28. Horseback Riding
29. Baseball/Softball
30. Rowing Machine

Join the Facebook group of participants at the highlighted link.

See how many of these 30 activities you can do during the month of May. The winner will get recognition and a prize. Remember to get a physician's approval before starting any exercise program.