Transformation Program

The Total Transformation Program is a comprehensive program that addresses exercise, nutrition, overall health and emotional well being. It is designed to help people improve their health and transform their body.

The Program includes the following:

1) Initial consultation and fitness assessment with a certified personal trainer.
2) A weekly BodyTalk call which will work on your energy and clean out your sub-conscious mind for optimal results for your efforts. This call will be followed by ...A weekly personal training call which will go over fitness principles and exercise details and will help you avoid making mistakes with your workout.
3) Weekly articles and recipes from Raw Chef Wendy, who is an amazing chef, nutritionist, and herbalist.
4) Individual Q&A training calls when needed and when you have questions or need help.
5) Weekly e-mail updates to educate and motivate you to help you manage your health and fitness.
6) A private Facebook accountability group where you can post your victories, challenges, and questions, and get the support you need.
7) Access to the private video library where you can learn about different exercises and workouts.
8) Free admission to monthly events including the Triathlon in a month, summer 5K run, hikes, seminars, and workshops.

The program will help you make healthy changes to your nutrition, incorporate an exercise program you enjoy doing, and will help you overcome self sabotage and the emotional and subconscious hangups that keep many people from making progress.

The monthly cost is $197 which includes all of the services listed above. If you'd prefer to just get the weekly recipes and training e-mails you can do so for $20 per month. Sign up at the links below.

For the $20/subscription:

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