12 Week Fitness Program

The 12 Week Program includes the following:

1) Initial consultation and fitness assessment with a certified personal trainer to determine your current level of fitness and identify the areas where you want to improve.

2) Goal Setting Help- I will assist you as you set personalized health and fitness goals that are important to you. We will set realistic goals, yet ones that will stretch you and require effort to achieve.

3) Customized Workout Plan- Each person is different so fitness programs need to be modified and adjusted according to a person's ability, age, fitness level, medical conditions, and commitment level.

4) Education- Each day for 90 days we will cover a different topic related to health and fitness. You will have access to these daily videos which will cover a variety of topics like exercise form and technique, nutrition guidelines, stress management, proper recovery, etc.

5) Accountability- This is achieved with a weekly 1 on 1 video chat or phone call to discuss your progress and to help you with any areas you may be struggling with. Accountability is crucial to helping you achieve your goals.

6) Weekly group call- These will be on Zoom call where you can ask questions, report your activity, and feel part of the team. You can access it any time if you are not able to make it to the live call.

7) Private Facebook Group- for participants where additional information and resources will be available.

This program will help you make healthy changes to your nutrition, incorporate an exercise program you enjoy doing, and will help you overcome self sabotage and the emotional and subconscious hangups that keep many people from making progress.

An investment of $299 includes all of the services listed above over a 3 month period. You can add a friend or spouse for just an additional $150. Contact Tom@yourfitnessquest.com or call me at 801-360-0360 for further questions and details.

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