Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Healthy Food Choices

If you feel like you have overdosed on junk food, then eating fresh whole food is a great way to feel better.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making Your Home Gym

There are definitely pros and cons to working out at a large gym vs. working out at home. Some people prefer the gym atmosphere while others like their privacy and opt for working out in their home. Below I have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Large gym advantages
-There is usually plenty of equipment to use which provides greater variety to your workout.
-You are more likely to give a better effort with others watching you and probably won't rest 3 minutes between sets like you might be tempted to if working out in seclusion.
-It can be motivating to be in an atmosphere with other active people who have common goals.

Disadvantages to big gyms
-Depending on the time of day, it can get busy and there may be people using your preferred equipment.
-It can be intimidating for some. If there are professional bodybuilders and fitness models wearing next to nothing, it can feel more like a meat market than a gym.
-Monthly fees can add up and they still come out of your account even if you don't go to the gym.
-It requires travel time to get to the gym so if your gym is not conveniently located, it may take much longer to get your workout in.

Advantage of home gym
-Nearby and convenient. It doesn't matter if there is a storm or icy roads outside.
-They don't require membership fees and usually have a one time low cost to set up.
-They offer greater privacy and for the person who prefers to workout alone.

Disadvantage to home gym
-It's easy to skip workouts or take it too easy during workouts if no one is watching.
-We can become too familiar when working out at home. People end up hanging clothes on their equipment -There is a greater probability of getting bored while exercising in a confined space with limited equipment.

I recently decided to set up a home gym at my house. I've had miscellaneous equipment in my garage and in various room for years, but thought it would be beneficial to dedicate a room specifically to working out. My only options was a small unfinished storage room in the basement with no windows so it was less than ideal, but I still decided to make the best of it.

I first had to clean out old clothes, camping gear, holiday decorations, and miscellaneous junk from the room. Once the room was empty, I applied primer to the walls and painted the walls and ceiling. I then purchased padded flooring which I pieced together. Then I built some shelves for weights and got a couple mirrors and moved my equipment in.

My gym is not ideal since it is in a small space, has  no windows,  a low ceiling, and it echos like you are in a cave, but it is still a big improvement to have an area in your home dedicated exclusively to exercise.

If you are considering making your own home gym, the most basic essentials include the following:

A bench or stability ball
A good mat
Free weights or kettlebells
Aerobic exercise equipment like a treadmill or bike

I still prefer working out in a large gym, but I also really like my home gym. Even a small home gym that is less than ideal will still get you better results than a state of the art facility that is only used infrequently. Regardless of where and how you work out, getting results really boils down to consistency.