Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Functional Fitness

I am a fan of functional fitness but I also like JP Sears even though he has mocked almost every topic I hold dear. I can see the truth to much of what he is making fun of. Anytime people take any good thing to an extreme or begin to exhibit a holier than thou attitude since they have some superior knowledge or discipline, then it becomes off-putting.  You have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Over the years, our society has become sedentary. Technological advances can make life easier and more convenient, but they can also be a double-edged sword. The unintended by-products of decreased activity include obesity, muscle loss, and poor health. As a result, it is beneficial to look for ways to increase our physical activity. One of the best ways to do this is to exercise regularly.

The benefits of being physically active are plentiful. Here are 40 good reasons to exercise.

1. Regular exercise reduces your risk of developing heart disease or a stroke.
2. Improves your likelihood of survival from a heart attack with quicker recovery. 
3.  Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure.
4.  Helps control blood pressure in people with hypertension.
5.  Improves coronary circulation and makes your heart a more efficient pump.
6.  Lowers your resting heart rate, which means less wear and tear on your heart.
7.  Reduces the viscosity of your blood and increases the blood plasma volume.
8.  Increases circulating levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind) in your blood.
9.  Increases maximal oxygen uptake, which allows greater cardiovascular efficiency.
10.Increases your anaerobic threshold, allowing you to work or exercise longer at a higher intensity, with a lower amount of lactic acid buildup.
11. Improves your ability to recover from physical exertion faster.
12. Reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
13. Reduces the risk of developing colon, breast, and prostate cancer.
14. Helps you to burn excess calories and lose weight – especially fat tissue.
15. Improves your body’s ability to utilize fat as a fuel source during physical activity.
16. Increases the density and strength of bones and prevents osteoporosis.
17. Strengthens your tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.
18. Improves your balance and coordination.
19. Maintains and improves your joint flexibility.
20. Provides protection against injuries.
21. Reduces your likelihood of developing low-back problems.
22. Protects against “creeping obesity” (the slow and steady weight gain that occurs as you age).
23. Reduces abdominal obesity, which is a significant health-risk factor.
24. Helps to maintain weight loss and improve your metabolism.
25. Allows you to consume greater quantities of food and still maintain a caloric balance.
26. Increases your muscle strength and endurance.
27. Helps to slow the loss of muscle tissue that occurs naturally with aging.
28. Gives you more energy during the day and for unexpected emergencies.
29. Increases your productivity at work.
30. Reduces workdays missed due to illness and injury.
31. Reduces medical and health care expenses.
32. Improves the functioning of your immune system.
33. Reduces anxiety levels and helps you relax.
34. Helps you to manage stress more effectively.
35. Helps to alleviate depression.
36. Helps you get to sleep easier and sleep better.
37. Improves athletic conditioning and performance.
38. Improves your body composition by increasing your lean body mass.
39. Improves your posture and physical appearance.
40. Improves your self-esteem.

You would have to be crazy to not to want these benefits. Develop the habit of increasing your physical activity by exercising 4-6 times per week if you are not already doing so.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Events Calendar

Below is a list of the upcoming monthly events that I will be sponsoring in 2017. Mark your calendar for the activities that interest you. More details will be coming out closer to each event date on the Your Fitness Quest Facebook page. Make 2017 a fun and healthy year. 

Your Fitness Quest 2017 Calendar

January 14th A Healthier You in 2017 Workshop
This workshop will help you set realistic goals and achieve lasting changes to improve your health. We will show you how to create an exercise program that you enjoy and can stick with, simple ways to improve your nutrition without diets or extremes, how to manage stress, have more energy, and much more.

February 18th  90 Day Transformation Contest
See what kind of amazing improvements you can make to your body with this 90 Day challenge. There will be many prizes for participants who make positive changes to their body composition by losing fat and gaining muscle.

March 1st-31st 5th Annual Triathlon in a Month Challenge
Finish an Iron Man length triathlon! The good news is you get the entire month to pull it off.
During the month of March swim 2.4 miles/ bike 12 miles/ and run 26.2 miles. We are getting rid of the 17 hour cut off time so everyone can complete it at their own pace. It’s doable if you are consistent and is a great way to improve your cardiovascular endurance.

April 8th Resistance Training Class
Learn the basics of resistance training and how to safely and effectively lift weights. We will show you how to incorporate variety into your resistance training by using machines, lifting weights, kettle bells, calisthenics, body weight exercises, resistance straps, etc. 

May 13th Nutrition Seminar
We will address the basics of nutrition and healthy eating habits. We will show you how to have greater variety and balance in your diet and how to adjust your macronutrient intake to best fit your goals. We will also discuss developing a healthy relationship with food. 

June 17th Exercise Variety Challenge
During the month of June see how many different types of exercise you can complete on your own. Choose from a list of 31 different activities we will provide and see how many of them you can do over the course of the month with prizes for the winner.

July 4th, 8th, or 15th 5K Run, Group Hikes up Y Mountain or Squaw Peak
We will have 3 fitness activities in July. If you don't consider yourself a runner we will help you change that as you prepare for and run a 5K race on July 4th. We will also have a fairly easy group hike up Y Mountain on July 8th for those of you who have not done this for a while.  We will also go on a more challenging hike up Squaw Peak Mountain on July 15th.

August 12th The Intangibles
Many people focus all of their attention on exercise and diet, but at this event we will talk about the intangibles like thoughts, mental and emotional health, friends, pets, plants, laughter, learning, service and how these simple things can surprisingly impact our health and give us a higher quality of life without making you sweat.

September- 16th Hike Timpanogos Mountain
This is a more challenging all day hike if you go to the top of the mountain so we will help you prepare with conditioning and training several months prior to the actual hike. The good news is this hike is much easier than Everest. The bad news is there will not be any sherpas to carry your lunch.

October 14th Happy Healthy Holidays
We will teach you how to navigate the holidays without the customary weight gain, unhealthy eating, and stress. Learn how you can still socialize and enjoy the holidays without giving up on your health and fitness goals. You won’t have to dig yourself out of a hole when Jan. 1st rolls around next year.

November 11th Sleep/Recovery/and Stress Management
Nutrition and Exercise are important but only part of the equation. You have to allow your body to rest and recuperate. This class will teach you how to get a better night's sleep, how to listen to your body for feedback that will allow you to heal and recover faster. We will also share some proven techniques to help you manage stress.

December 2nd  Your Fitness Quest Client Appreciation Party

Watch the Facebook page for details or for any modifications as these events approach. If you have any questions about the 2017 events or want more details, contact