Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Least Favorite Spartan Race Obstacles

Spartan races offer many different challenges but their 3 main races include the Sprint, Super, and Beast. The Sprint is the shortest obstacle race and is from 3-5 miles. The Super races are usually around 9 miles and the longer Beast race is around 13-14 miles. If you run all three races in one year you also earn what they call a Trifecta medal.

I've run 3 beasts, a couple Supers and just one Sprint in the past and I have really enjoyed them. They are difficult but I like how they are not as monotonous as running a marathon since you break up your activity with a variety of challenges. This year I had a horrible case of plantar fasciitis as well as a torn bicep injury that kept me out of being able to compete in any races. (I sheepishly say this since I just saw a video of a guy with no legs complete a Spartan, but if I don't let my injuries heal, they will just continue to get worse)

I have been on the sidelines during all of 2017 and it has been very frustrating watching the 5K, half marathons, marathons, and obstacle races I usually do come and go. Since I have not been able to participate in a Spartan race this year I will reminisce about some of  my least favorite parts to those races. Hopefully I will burn a few calories as I do so.

Hills- Running up and down hills is always tough. Many of these races take place at ski resorts or at other hilly terrain so if you train running on a flat street you will be in for a rude awakening. I've seen many strong participants who easily handle the strength challenges, but they are not conditioned for trail running so they ended up walking a good portion of the race. I don't mind trail running but some of the slopes they send you on can be very challenging. I remember one very long slope in Montana that was so steep that runners were essentially crawling up it with their hands on the ground in front of them.

Monkey bars- This also includes rings, cargo nets, or any other hanging challenge that requires a lot of upper body strength. These were so easy as a little kid but they have become my Achilles heel now. Maybe the fact that I've gained 150 pounds since third grade has something to do with it. It's not so much an issue of arm strength, or that I'm super heavy, but my weak grip strength gives way to the muddy slippery bars almost every time before I can get across.

Barb wire crawls- These aren't usually bad if you just roll downhill, especially if the ground is nice and muddy, but it gets old fast if you are on a dry and rocky surface. The worst crawl I've had to do was at the Boise Sprint. The one thing that made this one different was that the muddy area we had to crawl through was completely covered with goat head thorns. I'm not sure if it was intentional or just bad luck, but I've never heard so much swearing from the participants in a section of a Spartan race as I did there.

Burpees- These always just suck. They are especially difficult when you are exhausted. I dislike them the most in a dry, dirty terrain as you get a face full of dust each time you go down to the ground. The best part about successfully completing an obstacle is knowing you can skip the burpees and keep moving without slowing your time down even further.

I have only experienced a few water obstacles where you are briefly immersed in cold water. Usually it is just wading through mud pits so they are not so bad. I'm just grateful I've never had to do one that required swimming or featured ice water and claustrophobia-like conditions that I've seen featured in a couple Tough Mudders.

It has been hard sitting out this year but I have had to let my body heal. I feel conflicted about saying this but I'm looking forward to be able to do these horrible challenges again soon.

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