"Tom is an awesome coach and trainer.  I appreciate the manner in which he carries out his profession.  Having never been anything close to a “gym rat” and having basically avoided working out my whole life, his approach has been very motivational for me.  I feel pushed and motivated, yet not humiliated.  I like the progress I am making; I am feeling healthier and have more energy (and my pain levels are going down!).  Thank you for taking me on as a client.  I appreciate all you do." Dave P.

"Working with Tom over 2012 has been a great experience so far for gathering new knowledge in the health/exercise field to apply to my everyday life, implementing real healthy habits in terms of exercise and eating well, and most importantly seeing actual results in muscle definition and weight loss. One quality of a good personal trainer is having the trainer's passion for the exercise and health come through while he/she is working with you. This is exactly what Tom exhibits combined with great integrity. That combination always ensures that I receive the time and attention needed during a workout session. I would highly recommend Tom as a personal trainer due to his integrity, reasonable cost, and superior delivery." -Kristin F.

"I am grateful for Tom's expertise and experience. I appreciated the way he met with me and discussed my individual needs and then determined what workouts would most ideally help me in reaching my fitness goals. I'm glad that I have a trainer who not only has legitimate certification but a great college education in Exercise Science as well. I have especially appreciated his weekly feedback and his positive attitude in motivating me. Tom isn't just doing his "job" - he truly cares and wants me (and all his clients) to succeed. I highly recommend Tom as a personal trainer." - Karren N.

"Working with Tom as a personal trainer completely changed the way I approached my workouts. I enjoyed them all of sudden with him encouraging me, teaching me and helping me to reach my personal goals! I keep coming back to Tom as my life changes with kids, work, etc. He is the absolute best personal trainer I have worked with and I've worked with many. I definitely made the most progress when working with Tom. He knows how to motivate without being demeaning and I respond very well to that." -Heather P.

"What I like best about Tom's coaching is the focus on both fitness AND nutrition. Too many programs and diets over-emphasize one or the other. I got an all-encompassing program that was personalized to my health and fitness level. his coaching style is motivating, and delivers real results!" -Russell J.

"I did a 90-day fitness challenge with Tom and saw great results. Working with Tom gave me an accountability factor that was missing when I tried following fitness programs on my own. Knowing Tom would be checking on me and giving me new challenges each week helped me work harder and stay with my goals when I would otherwise have turned off the alarm and gone back to sleep instead of exercising. Just knowing I would be reporting to him each Monday morning kept me motivated and on track. Tom was always available to answer my questions on various fitness and health issues and patiently took the time to discuss and explain anything I asked him about or wanted his opinion on. Tom is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, and encouraging. I  highly recommend him as a personal trainer." -Krista M.

" I was initially worried about starting up a fitness program because I was so out of shape, but Tom was a very easy (and non-judgemental) trainer to work with. Any fears I had were quickly put at ease. I highly recommend Tom as a personal trainer no matter what your level of fitness is. Tom helped motivate me to make healthier lifestyle changes and would commend me for the progress I made without  putting me through a guilt trip for any unmet goals on my part. It was nice to be accountable to someone who was genuinely interested in my success and was happy to guide me and cheer me on during the process" -Mary M.

“Tom is excellent. I could not have gotten better help with my fitness goals. He gave me great advice, hands on training and perspective that made a complete difference for me. With only basic changes in diet and exercise I was able to drop two clothes sizes, feel much stronger and am where I ought to be on my body mass index. Tom helped me understand simple changes I needed to make that entirely changed my health for the better. He was tremendous to work with; very encouraging and supportive and everything he suggested worked great. I think what I am happiest about is that it is all sustainable –the changes I’ve made are permanent changes rather than a burst of fad eating or exercise. I could not recommend Tom more highly.”- Bill D.

"I was a little nervous about hiring a personal trainer, but I am so glad I did.  Tom provided me the accountability I needed without giving me guilt trips.  He pushed me to to do more than I thought I could do--without yelling--so working out with him was more effective than working out on my own (not to mention more enjoyable).  He's positive and encouraging you when you need it but doesn't make you feel bad if you can't get that last rep in, and he's not judgmental at all.  I always enjoyed our sessions because he made them interesting by providing a good variety of exercises so it wasn't the same thing over and over again.  Tom is very professional and was always on time to our sessions.  He answered texts and emails when I had questions about something or needed moral support and I felt like he really cared about me even outside the gym.  Tom goes above and beyond and I would definitely hire him again in the future if needed." -Christie C.

"Tom was great at taking me where I was at and helping me move toward the goals I had set for myself.  He knew exactly what needed to be done and when.  He helped me not only with weight reduction, but also with training for athletic events, including the Ragnar relay, something I never imagined I could do.  After 20 years of various weight loss attempts, I finally weigh what I did when I got married and have dropped 3 pants sizes. I am in better physical condition today than I have ever been in my life." -Becky R.