I design customized  programs for you according to your specific goals, available time, and income. I train clients in the Provo and Orem area and offer package, group, and couples discounts as well as discounts for referring friends. Call me for details and for a free fitness consultation. Below are some of the most popular services I provide.

1) Personalized Training- I will give you the instruction for proper form and safe technique and design a customized program consisting of a variety of exercises which will help you get the results you want to achieve. We will focus on resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and proper nutrition.

2) 90 Day Fitness Transformation- If you are looking to get back in shape, lose weight that never came off after having a baby, or tone up and add some muscle, then this option is for you. I will help you make some serious changes over a relatively short amount of time. This approach is a little more intense, but also gets quicker results.

3) Accountability and Coaching- If you don't feel you need a trainer for your workouts, but still need to be accountable to someone, then I provide regular coaching and support to help you accomplish your goals and stay on task. This can be done in person and with phone calls, or by e-mail. This is a great option if you don't live in the area, but still want support.

4) Portable Gym- If you don't have time to go to a gym or don't like the gym atmosphere, I can provide you with the equipment you need to work out in your own home. I'll help you purchase a stability ball, free weights, and any other necessary equipment at a minimal expense and then train you how to use them properly.

5) Nutrition Assistance- I can help you clean out your pantry of any unhealthy foods, go shopping with you and teach you how to compare foods and make healthier choices, help you stock your fridge with healthy foods, and help you plan nutritious menus.

6) Customization- In addition to the above mentioned programs, there are many other options. I believe everyone is different and I'd be glad to tailor a program to your abilities, goals, and needs.

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