Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Weekly Commitment

Like most people, I am aware of many habits and lifestyle changes I should make in order to be healthier. It's hard to take them all on at the same time so I am designing a new program this year. Rather than try to change or commit to everything at once (which I know I couldn't do succesfully), I will start working on a new area to improve on each week. Once I make the new change I will commit to it throughout the year. My purpose is to create a better environment for success by slowly easing into the lifestyle changes I need to make and sticking with them until they becomes habits.

Each week I will address and add an additional component to a nutrition or fitness goal to the program. Some of these might be smaller or easier than others but they will all add up and make a difference over the course of the year. I have created a new sidebar list towards the bottom of the page called my weekly commitment which I will add to throughout the year. I invite you to join me making these changes if you could improve on any of the topics I list.

My first commitment for 2009 is to stop drinking sugar based, caffeinated, or carbonated drinks. Yes, I am going off of soda pop. I don't drink it much and I hardly ever buy it, but it seems to be offered to me a lot. Root beer is my weakness especially when it's served with pizza. At this point in my life my metabolism has slowed down and I just don't need the extra sugar and empty calories in my diet. Don't feel bad for me though because there is still a lot of unhealthy stuff I can eat. Once I commit to going off sweets and fried foods then you can feel sorry for me.

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