Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super Foods

Some foods appear to be more nutrient dense than others and are very high in vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants. Foods like blueberries, flax, almonds, quinoa, salmon, acai, broccoli, and garlic are all known for their unique properties and benefits. I believe we are what we eat, and nutrition is a critical component to good health, but I also think it is easy to put too much emphasis on any one specific food.

If you have been on the Internet over the last several years you have probably seen ads for the acai berry. I have personally tried products containing this berry and am a fan of it, but I will be the first to tell you to watch out for scams. There are countless marketing companies that are jumping on the bandwagon and promoting it as a weight loss supplement and a cure for any ailment. Acai may have many antioxidants, but that doesn't mean it's the answer to losing weight or curing disease. I believe it can aid in the prevention of certain ailments, and promotes good health, but there is alot of marketing hype to sift through.

We've been told about the benefits of green leafy, brightly colored, and cruciferous vegetables that contain high anti-oxidants. I think you can pretty much say that all vegetables are good for you. (that is, until Hostess comes out with a new one), but over emphasizing any one vegetable because it has been labeled a super food and avoiding others is not wise. Fad diets frequently focus on just one food. A balanced diet is the key. No matter how good for you any specific food may be you, you will still want to eat a balanced diet.

I think it is a good thing for us to eat more of these healthy "super foods", but when I hear people endlessly promote any one particular food it reminds me of a concert pianist who sits down to the piano and then just hits the one same key over and over because it sounds so great to them. Nutrition consists of the entire keyboard, not just your favorite key. Remember it is important to have balance, variety, and moderation.

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ShanaM said...

Balance in anything is the key whether it is nutrition, exercise or Life!