Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stop Drinking Soda Pop

I'm a big fan of making gradual and continual progress when it comes to improving your health. It's easy to start an exercise program with a gung-ho attitude but then feel overwhelmed if you can't keep up the pace. You've probably seen people who are already discouraged about the goals they set just a week ago. I prefer gradual progression when it comes to working out, and I believe in building on smaller successes as opposed to going cold turkey when it comes to eliminating unhealthy habits.

One approach that I have used over the years is called "the weekly commitment."  I encourage people to start one new healthy activity or choose a negative habit they want to eliminate and work on it during the week. Once they have it down, they can start working on another one and continue to build on their success. Even if someone only makes a few of these changes during the year, they are still much better off than if they didn't try. 

Working on a new facet of one's health every week can be a bit too much for some people, so this year I am promoting a new activity or habit every two weeks. Some of these will be easy and most of you are probably already doing them, but I wanted to set up a simple program that anyone could follow. I have a new column on the side of my blog which I will update twice a month with a new step to better health. So here goes...

The Your Fitness Quest step #1 to better health is the challenge to stop drinking carbonated, caffeinated, and sugar based drinks: aka soda pop. 

I treat soda like most people do alcohol. I may have an occasional drink of root beer or ginger ale at a party or social event, but I never buy pop or bring it in my house. It's liquid candy and most people just don't need the sugar and calories. Many of the people I know who struggle with their weight drink soda. I also recommend that people do away with their diet or zero calorie sodas too. For some reason many of the diet soda consumers seem to be the most addicted to pop.

Your body doesn't need the sugar, calories, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, carbonation, or chemicals. Start drinking water instead. Your body will thank you, and you will save a lot of money in the process.


Raymond said...

That's a very good thing to do especially diet soda but I probably don't feel an urgent need to change, although I really should deep down. But I keep it in the back of my mind and maybe one day drop it or at least reduce it.


Great reminder. For a long time I said no to soda but it's good to return to saying NO to soda.

Sam said...

I definitely agree with you. People have to either stop or slow their soda consumption.

I remember about 5 years ago a friend of mine was trying to lose weight. He was about 50 pounds overweight and was doing some weight lifting (very light) and cardio every day. He was getting discouraged with the slow progress he was making. Then he told me he was drinking a liter bottle a day...

Well I told him to cut it little by little, preferably down to half as soon as possible and eventually down to one can a week.

I didn't see him for a good 3 months. I then saw him and had lost 20 pounds by going down to one soda a week and staying consistent with his workouts.
Sometimes it is one thing in our diet that is holding us back.

Alejandro "The Fittest Vegan" said...

soda is the enemy for sure, its worse than fried food in my opinion. all those refined sugars should be removed if you really plan in getting in shape this year. I like the idea of the 2 week challenges, makes sense|!.

Emz said...

awwwww man it's like you heard me complaining last night.

"I need to give up diet coke"

ok. I'm starting today.

no joke. all because of this post.

[I'm finishing the one on my desk first but as soon as it's gone] . . . I'm signing up for one week without it.

Dave said...

I like the idea of taking one step every week to being healthier. I've fallen off the bandwagon recently and have had too much sugar in my diet so I'm gradually taking steps to eliminate it. Fortunately, I've never liked soda, so one step down!