Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raw Foods

I recently watched a documentary called Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days. It featured an experiment where 6 diabetics from different parts of the country move to a ranch in Arizona and ate a completely raw vegan diet for 30 days. It was almost like a reality TV show, but there was no hype and the participants were not competing against each other. It was very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. 

I understand that a documentary featuring 6 people does not qualify as a scientific study, but the results of this experiment were very impressive. One participant left mid month because he couldn't handle the diet. All of the others that followed the diet for a month lost weight, were able to stop taking insulin shots, and were able to get off their many medications they had previously been on.

I 've heard of people who make drastic changes to their diet once they've been diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. These dietary changes often involve avoiding processed foods, meats, alcohol, sugar, and eating more fruits and vegetables. It is common for people to see improvements when they make such dietary changes, although I don't claim that changing your nutrition will cure every disease. It is obvious, however that our diet affects our health and most Americans are only compounding or even causing their health problems with their poor food choices.

I'm not a vegetarian, vegan, or a tree hugger, but I really like the emphasis that these eating philosophies put on enjoying live food. I still eat meat, but when I think about it, instinctively it makes more sense to eat live foods than dead animals. I strongly believe that if more people were to reduce their intake of processed foods and ate more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc, they would be much healthier. It just makes sense to eat more live food. 


HCG weight loss said...

Hi, I couldn't agree less with what you said. I haven't watched the documentary but I'm interested with the foods that they eat. It seem to be very helpful for everyone. If these kinds of foods are only promoted as extensively as the processed foods, maybe more people will be convinced to eat healthy. Most of our health problems were caused by our unhealthy lifestyle. So to be able to prevent or solve these problems, we have to look at the root cause of it.


Becky said...

I saw this DVD and thought it was VERY inspirational. I would totally be willing to go raw for 30 days if I could just find a chef to prepare fabulous food in the varieties/quantities they had in the video. It was really amazing!