Sunday, May 29, 2011

World No Tobacco Day

The World Health Organization has declared Tuesday May 31st to be "World No Tobacco Day."  I haven't addressed smoking much on this site since it is such a no-brainer for people who are wanting to improve their health, but I figure now would be an appropriate time to do so.

Smoking is not nearly as popular as it used to be. Whenever you watch a classic black and white movie from the 40's and 50's, there is frequently non stop chain smoking throughout the film. I remember being on an airplane flight from France in the early 90's. I was shocked that right after take off, half the passengers lit up and smoked for most of the flight. I was turning green and wheezing for air until we landed.

The World Health Organization claims that tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths per year. Today, anti-smoking campaigns have reduced the glamor previously associated with smoking and have actually created a stigma for smokers. I've been shocked at some of the graphic anti-smoking commercials I've seen. I've included one of the more conservative ones below.

If you are a smoker or if you have a loved one who smokes, then I encourage you to make a change this Tuesday and give up the habit. Smoking cessation is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health.


sam said...

World Anti Tobacco Day will be observed on 31st May 2011.Join our campaign to quit smoking and help others to quit hare and post your views on Anti Tobacco Day

Tony Van Helsing said...

I have smoked for nearly 30 years and in the past five have tried a number of times to stop. We know it is terrible for us but humanity's ability to live in denail is extraordinary. I have tried Champix and Nicorettes but the Champix brought on depression. So I quit on the 3rd of November last year and have been cold turkey since. I still get the urge occasionally (it never really goes away) but have ridden them out and stayed on the wagon.

Tom said...

Tony- Congratulations on your efforts! Keep up the good work. It is always inspirational to see people make those kind of changes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the non smoking campaign, but they could have given it a better name.

Anonymous said...

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