Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 Tips To Stay Motivated

One excuse I occasionally hear from clients is that they just can't get motivated to work out or to eat right. As a fellow human being, there are times when I can relate. I am always up for playing basketball, but I occasionally run into phases where it is harder for me to want to run or lift weights.

So, how do you get and stay motivated if you feel your efforts are slipping? Here are some ideas that can help you.

1) Get a workout partner. If you exercise with friends and make it a social event, you will be more committed to participate and there's also a good chance you will have more fun.

2) Increase your accountability. Paying a trainer is another effective way to commit to working out. If you don't show up, you end up flushing your money down the toilet, so you might as well exercise and get the good results.

3) Focus on your goals. Put up a realistic photograph of what you want to look like (maybe a picture of yourself when you were more fit.) Keep your fitness goals in front of you. Keep your focus on the prize as opposed to the price you are paying. Remember the reason you are willing to work hard and sacrifice. It's not so hard when you remember why you are doing it.

4) Remember how great you feel after a workout (aside from the tired and sweaty part.) Endorphins give you a natural high and can decrease depression and alleviate stress. Exercise provides so many health benefits.

5) Use rewards as an incentive. When you consistently do your part or reach a goal, treat yourself to a non-food reward. Just make sure it is appropriate to the task you have completed.

6) Use a social event as a deadline on your calendar. Events like an anniversary, reunion, birthday, or vacation can be used as goal dates to motivate you to get into better shape or maintain healthy habits.

It's easy to get excited about getting or staying in shape at the first of the year when everyone is making resolutions, but it may take some additional motivation at other times throughout the year. Utilize these six tips to help you stay on track when the going gets tough.


Raymond said...

They are all good reasons but for me I need other types of goals to keep me going everyday.
My goals are
1) I want to be the fittest I can be and my target date is 2 years from now when I'm 50.
2) I want to be as healthy and independent as I can be as I get older.
These are what gets me up every morning at 4.00 am to start my day.
Yes we need goals otherwise why bother?

Tom said...

Raymond, Your comment reminds me of another tip I forgot to list. Exercise while you still have energy. Getting up earlier in the morning helps you do so. It's hard to workout at the end of the day if you are already exhausted. I've found that the early morning workout actually energizes me for the rest of the day.