Monday, October 22, 2012

Your Fitness Quest Videos

I recently started making some short videos where I address topics related to exercise, fitness, and nutrition. I should have started this process years ago but I've put it off since I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, and also because my witness relocation advisor said it could blow my cover but I care more about the health of the masses than I value my own life!

So I finally bit the bullet and started making some short health and fitness videos. They are currently just low budget video blogs shot with a hand held camera, but I thought I'd give people the option to watch or listen to a post about fitness than always read them.

You can get to my new YouTube channel at the link below:

Your Fitness Quest Channel

Feel free to check it out. It has already gone viral and I now have 4 subscribers! If you can't get enough of my boring written updates, then you will probably love my videos where I speak in a monotone voice with all the excitement of a mashed potato sandwich. These first videos are fairly primitive and it is an uncomfortable process, but the quality and content of my videos will get better with each one.

I'd love to get any feedback and get any suggestions you may have for future topics to cover. Thanks.

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