Sunday, July 26, 2015

Congratulations to the Iron Cowboy!

Last month I wrote about James Lawrence and his challenge to complete 50 Iron Man length triathlons in 50 states in 50 days. I have followed his progress daily as he made his way from state to state and was amazed at the determination he showed. I'm not a triathlon athlete and the sport doesn't really appeal to me (since I suck at swimming and biking.... and running) but I totally respect any endurance athlete who accomplishes great things especially when it is considered to be "impossible" by most people.

Yesterday I was able to witness the Cowboy complete his final run in Utah and conquer the challenge. He invited the public out for the final 5K like he has in other states.and there was a pretty impressive showing of people who came to support him and celebrate his success. He was nice enough to allow those who came out to get photos with him and he gave high fives to the crowds. It was cool to see him finish the 50 50 50 challenge like he said he would.

I have been cheering for him since he started in Hawaii. After hearing him speak in May I never doubted his resolve, determination, or belief that he could do it, but I was still concerned with his ability to remain injury free long enough to finish the challenge. I know he had several injuries and health concerns over the last 50 days, but am still in awe that he was able to keep his body going the whole time. I know he picked up a bunch of fans as he progressed along the challenge and silenced many critics. 

I congratulate Lawrence, his family, and support team for their hard work and dedication and for making this one of the most entertaining and inspiring events I have ever witnessed. I just hope the guy can finally get some quality rest now and hopefully pick up some good endorsement deals. I think it's time for Energizer to scrap the bunny and make him their new spokesman.

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