Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Starting 2016 Off Right

If you are like most people you may be able to relate to the diagram below.  Holiday treats, comfort food, darker days and colder weather take their toll each year from October through December.

Many people set fitness goals each  new year but only stick with them for days or weeks before abandoning them and returning to familiar unhealthy habits. In order to help you overcome this cycle and generate some momentum for the new year, we are putting on the "2016 Your Fitness Quest Transformation Workshop" which will help you overcome the obstacles that have slowed you down in the past.

You will learn how to make healthy changes that will transform your body and we will be unveiling our 90 day transformation contest with great prizes for the participants including a trip to Hawaii for a week for the top two transformers.

We will show you how to find an exercise program you can stick with, eat better to properly fuel your body, and get your mind and spirit in the right frame of mind to let go of emotional baggage and self sabotage that has been holding you back in the past. Let's make 2016 great!

The workshop will be held Saturday January 2, 2016 from 1-4 p.m. at the George Mueller Academy located at 121 East South State in Lehi, UT. The cost is $24.95 per person.

Tickets can be purchased at YFQ Transformation Workshop.

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