Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A New Challenge?

I've been in a bit of a rut lately and have been looking for some kind of physical challenge to get me motivated. I remember many years ago the first time I saw a video about Spartan races and thought it looked kind of crazy but it would be a fun challenge. I ended up doing one and really enjoyed the experience enough to do many more over the years. I recently came across some videos about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the idea is starting to grow on me, especially after watching the video below.

This idea of climbing Kilimanjaro is especially appealing since I'm already in Africa and I'd only need to fly over to the East side. I have never climbed higher than 12,000 feet so I think it would be a fun challenge, especially since each day features such different terrain it makes it seem like several different hikes. For now the idea of climbing Kilimanjaro is brewing. We'll see what happens next year.

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