Saturday, November 7, 2009

Helping Others

I know when I try to focus on improving my health it is easy to get consumed with my favorite subject-me. Am I eating like I should? Am I getting enough sleep? What exercises should I be doing? Can you pick up on the trend? As important as I think it is to do these things I can see how some people including myself can get self absorbed with their quest to improve their health.

In order to improve the quality of one's life and health, I think it is also important to watch out for others. Serving others and helping other people will bring you greater joy in your life than you could get if you had the ideal weight, measurements, and body fat composition. I also believe it gives a person more purpose. I have read many studies which indicate people with family, friends, and pets to care for are healthier and live longer.

That reminds me of Dr. Victor Frankl who was a psychiatrist who spent time in several concentration camps during World War 2. He attributed the survival of many of the prisoners he observed to their ability to serve and take care of others under such horrific conditions rather than focusing on their own suffering.

I believe there is a link between altruism and not only improved mental and emotional health, but also physical health. Developing one's social health and helping others is not usually recognized as a component of fitness programs, but it can make a positive difference.

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